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Mobile Personal Training for You in the Comfort of your Own Home or Outdoor Space - Hit those nutrition, fitness and strength goals using bodyweight, weights and boxing. Everything is tailored to you so we work as gently or intensely as your body and your goals dictate

Online Personal Training via Zoom or Teams - Fit your sessions into your work day and train anywhere - 30/45 /60 minute sessions available


Specialist Postnatal Personal Training at Home - No Need for a Créche - Restore your core strength, diastasis core restore,  improve pelvic floor health, rebalance posture, eat to heal your amazing postnatal body

Specialist Peri to Post Menopausal and beyond  Personal Training just for us Women - Ease your menopasue transition using nutrition, training and lifestyle adjustments

Group Training Circuit Classes - Buckingham Park - Shoreham

Online Programmes - Progressive programmes specifically designed and delivered to your laptop, tablet or mobile 

What Can Personal Training Do For You?

Personal Training isn't about me pushing you as hard as possible through every single workout and expecting you to eat perfectly nutritionally balanced meals day in day out

  • My aim is to keep you accountable to the choices you make to reach your goal - we so often put ourselves on a training or nutrition plan with great intentions but without anyone knowing your intentions

  • My aim is to keep you consistant with the training, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments that we decide together at the start of your programme

  • My aim is to keep things simple - there is so much information available that anyone can put together a training programme - the trick is to make your goals specific and achieveable. We then make one or two changes at a time and work them into your everyday life before reassessing

  • My aim is to give you that extra bit of support and motivation when you're feeling like not moving a muscle!

  • My aim is to make sure we slot your programme in to your life and lifestyle so that it fits around friends, families and work and making sure you have time to include real life fun too

  • My aim is to help you understand that rest and lowering stress are just as (if not more) important than training and eating wonderful food

The Secret to Sucess is Simplicity and Consitancy - Build those small changes into your everyday life and your goals will be reached

Hit Those Goals with Mobile or Online Personal Training


I offer both Mobile and Online Personal Training to . So I either come to you and we train in your home, garden or outdoor space or we meet on Teams or Zoom.

This works perfectly for those of you that simply don't like gyms, don't have the time to get to a gym or struggle with childcare.


After an initial consultation what we do in your sessions is decided by  you and your short, mid and long term goals. You might hate exercise and just need to get moving, in which case a gentle mobilisation programme will work perfectly to get you started. You may want to improve your strength and fitness and enjoy working out intensely 

In person sessions are 1 hour but zoom training can be as little as 30 minutes to make it easy to fit your workout into your working-from-home lunch break a couple of times a week 

Postnatal Personal Training

Images show diastasis at 8 week postpartum and then a functional gap at 24 weeks postpartum after diastasis recovery personl training

So much happens to your body during pregnancy that we often have to relearn breathing patterns, realign posture, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and strengthen our core.


This often also means restoring diastasis recti (a stretching of the connective tissue between your abdominal muscles) which lots of postnatal mums are left with without even knowing it.


I bring specialist postnatal training to you in the comfort of your own home with or without your baby or child present.


We work to safely and effectively regain core strength, pelvic strength, posture and general body strength using stretches and functional exercises that mimic movements that us mums do every day

Specialist Peri to Post Menopause and Beyond Personal Training

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Embrace the transition from perimenopause all the way through to menopause and beyond. I'm in my late 40's so I'm without a doubt within my perimenopause so I understand and recognise the feelings and symptoms that go hand in hand with our changing hormones.


These feelings and symptoms aren't exactly fun and they are often overwhelming.


By using simple nutrition and lifestyle changes and using the right type of training we can ease a lot of the problems but most importantly put you in a good strong position moving forward. We want to ensure your bone health, heart health and stress levels are all optimised 


What do you do if you don't want personal training but still want a specialised programme?

My Online Programmes are progressive specifically designed programmes delivered straight to your laptop, tablet or mobile through my personal training app. Follow along videos guide you week by week through 

Nourish your body don’t deprive it. Fuel your body don’t starve it. Take care of your body and it will do even more amazing things for you

Bend. Twist. Squat. Lunge. Push. Pull. Sit. Stand. Lift. Carry. Drag. Put down. Get down. Get up. Move. Balance…… Everyday movements…..functional movements…..important ‘life’ movements we lose the ability to do if we don’t do them or don’t do them well

Intense training definitely has its place but rest and relaxation are just as important. Have you got the right balance?

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