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What My Wonderful Clients Say...

“I have been seeing Jo for  well over 2 years and I can honestly say she has changed my life .
Her support,  advice and motivation has turned me from a run hating grandma to a 12km run loving super Nannie , I have never exercised in my life , now I can’t imagine my week without it . With her focused one to one support and attention  I have reduced the ” bad ” fat around my organs , increased my muscle mass  and have a metabolic age of a 35 year old , not bad for a 58 year old !
She supports me through my struggles , sets me challenges and gets me through my “loss of mojo” days . I consider her a friend and mentor and knowing her has truly enriched my life , and it’s fun !!! - Ann

"I have been training with Jo for over three years now. In my experience she offers so much more than a ‘normal’ personal trainer. Jo gets to know her clients very quickly, identifies their strengths and, more importantly, their areas of weakness. She is always looking for new challenges to keep me motivated and sends messages between sessions to ensure that I stay on track. When we are training Jo has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when she can push me as she knows I still have more ‘in the tank’ and when it’s time to let me rest (it’s usually the former!). I hope to train with Jo for many years to come and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her" - Andy 

"I’ve been training with Jo for a while now, and usually see her every 5 weeks or so and she’s helped me change my lifestyle massively. Not only have I lost weight, built muscle and become fitter, but my attitude to exercise has changed; my knowledge of nutrition and food has increased and I feel so much better for it. Jo is always so flexible and she makes our sessions interesting and fun and always incorporates things I like doing. She pushes me to work hard and motivates me – but she’s also understanding when ‘life’ can sometimes get in the way, and helps me get back on track. She’s also been very supportive with health issues I’ve had and has adapted my training programmes and our sessions.
I always look forward to our sessions and feel brilliant after them – I really am so grateful to Jo for all of her ongoing support, motivation and the advice she gives me." - Katie 

"I have done personal training and buggy bootcamp with Jo and training with her helped me get back in shape after having my son. The consistent routine of sessions with Jo and her personalised training has improved my posture, strength and fitness and has also helped my mental health. I was really glad I could continue training with Jo during the pandemic via zoom, and this worked just as well for me as in-person sessions. Jo has so much expertise on the post-natal body and how to support mums with their fitness goals - this expertise and experience can be hard to find.


I loved the community and workouts that Jo created through her Buggy Bootcamp which really helped me to get out of the house when my son was young and get back in physical and mental shape after pregnancy and birth. It was a joy to train outside with other mums and our babies.


I would recommend Jo’s personal training to anyone, but especially to Mums." - Nina

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“When I started training with Jo, I was unhappy with the way I looked having recently given birth.  I had gained a lot of weight and was struggling with a bulge from Diastasis Recti; I basically had no core.  I remember asking Jo all the time if it was even possible to have a flat stomach again and she tried to assure me it was and we’d get there together.  Because I had had a c-section I didn’t know what exercises I could do safely without injuring myself.  All the exercises Jo taught me were so simple and effective, so it was easy to keep up with them.  She also taught me about the right foods I should be eating to help with my healing and she would check my food diary weekly.  We met outdoors and she made it all fun and easy – we talked and trained and it felt like meeting a friend every time.  One of the goals we had set in the first session was that I wanted to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and yes, I was in them after 6 weeks of training and after 12 weeks I had run a 5k.  Making that phone call to Jo was by far, one of the best things I have ever done, I am in the best shape of my life, not just post-pregnancy, but actually ever.” - Naz

"Working out with Jo on my fitness has been great . Jo has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being , not just my muscles ! She encourages me and believes in me and got me totally ready for skiing !
She will message me to keep me motivated between sessions , and knows exactly how I tick .
She offers advice on nutrition as well to help me meet my goals . Jo is a great personal trainer who goes above and beyond and I recommend her highly 🙂" - Vicky

"Jo has been my personal trainer for eight years .I always look forward to seeing her.My sessions are always changing and challenging but Jo makes it fun so I never get bored Jo includes exercises that my physio suggests and has helped me get over several operations quickly by tailoring my program Jo helps me with my lifestyle including diet and other exercise. I couldn’t do without her enthusiasm and genuine care. Hopefully many more years to go" - Liz

"I thoroughly enjoy working out with Jo and feel very comfortable to do so.

I find Jo inspiring and extremely knowledgeable in relation to different muscles and different exercises and some kick boxing, which is ever so fun.

Jo is committed to what degree you want to be and she will push you to the limit that you want and perhaps 1% more.

There is always plenty of variety in sessions to keep things shaken up.

Jo is flexible with timings of sessions in advance.

We are now in our eigth year and I am certainly stronger than ever before."

James Carboni

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