Specialist training for postnatal mums either with or without baby present, brought directly to your home for your convenience



Have you recently brought a beautiful being into the world and want guidance with specialist training in restoring your core and strengthening the rest of your body?


After being pregnant for so long it’s very tempting to launch yourself into a madly intense exercise regime and diet to regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

During pregnancy the body has changed dramatically, not only on the outside but on the inside too. It’s really important to safely address these changes, realigning and rebalancing your body, and working to reconnect and restore your core strength and synergy before using any strong movements.

After pregnancy you often need to relearn how to breath, how to stand and really importantly how to use your breath to protect your body and pelvic floor when you carry out those everyday motherhood movements – lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, reaching, squatting, lunging, getting up, getting down.

Before commencing with any kind of exercise programme you will have a POSTNATAL Training Consultation – Initially I will send you an online questionnaire to complete then during this hour we go over your questionnaire, we look at your breathing technique, posture and trigger points. We check your tummy for diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) and check for c -section soreness/numbness. Using simple exercises and verbal feedback we check that your pelvic floor and TVA is working in synergy with your breath.

We discuss what your movement, lifestyle or body goal is and work towards it. Depending on the information discovered during this consultation I will give you some stretches, muscle releases and initial strength/breath exercises to use to realign your body and to start strengthening your core. We work on strengthening pelvic floor as well as how to relax pelvic floor, which is just as important.

We will talk about nutrition and lifestyle and I will make small recommendations that will help you begin to heal your postnatal body.

We use the information gathered in this initial consultation as a starting point for your postnatal recovery plan with each session building gently on the exercises until you are moving freely, comfortably and easily, feeling strong and full of energy. If we find that you have diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction this is managed carefully and depending on the severity it may involve working alongside a Woman’s Health Physiotherapist.

In-Person Sessions

6 x 1 Hour Mobile Personal Training @ £300

12 x 1 Hour Mobile Personal Training @ £570

Zoom Sessions

6 x 1 Hour Mobile Personal Training @ £285

12 x 1 Hour Mobile Personal Training @ £540


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